Today, as a global UV LED technology leader, Nikkiso is renowned for its unparalleled quality, dependability, and exquisite engineering.

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Founded by Nobel Prize winning Professors Akasaki and Amano, Nikkiso’s UV-LED division is leading the commercialization of UV-C LED technology. What many only imagine is now a reality. Learn more about the new, exciting applications for UV-LED.

Nikkiso has invested millions of dollars in its world-class production facilities in Japan. With smarter, more efficient manufacturing methods, Nikkiso is committed to continual R&D. The result is a new generation of UV-LEDs with the world’s highest performance and lowest cost structure – with industry leading reliability.

An Established History of UV LED Development

Since its inception more than 10 years ago, UV-C LED technology has progressed dramatically. This is due to marked improvements in the wafer growth of aluminum-gallium nitride substrate and advanced packaging technology. Starting at just fractions of a milliwatt, we are now in production of single-chip devices that deliver more than 45mW of UV power.

Nikkiso is globally-known for the quality of its products and its UV-LED offerings are no different. We proudly lead the industry in power output and lifetime, as well as product availability, supported by our large-capacity production plant in Kanazawa, Japan.

Nikkiso America added industry leader AquiSense Technologies to its portfolio in summer 2016, and in doing so greatly increased its ability to design and manufacture system-level solutions for its customers using Nikkiso’s Deep UV-LED technology.

For more than 60 years, Nikkiso Co. LTD has continued to innovate by providing original technologies and products. Today, as a global UV LED technology leader, Nikkiso is renowned for its unparalleled quality, dependability and exquisite engineering. Nikkiso Co. LTD brings this reputation to the US through Nikkiso America, Inc. (NAI). In addition to UV-LED, NAI specializes in carbon fiber products for aerospace applications, pump products and fluid technologies, water conditioning systems for thermal and nuclear power plants, acute and chronic blood purification systems and particle size characterization.

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